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Create the perfect disco vibe on your dance floor with this light package.

499 DKK

Rent the amazing classic mirror ball

249 DKK

Our most popular light effect period. It is sound controlled and makes a really good vibe.

249 DKK

Rent this nice lounge effect. Can look like fire or water on the wall.

199 DKK

Rent our LED spot. Is good for uplight on walls. Can fade between colors.

69 DKK
349 DKK
99 DKK

Rent UV light tube

99 DKK
349 DKK

A powerfull LED strobe light for your rave, disco or any party where high energy light is key.

349 DKK

Rent a laser for your party. We recommend that you also use a smoke machine to get the full effect of the laser beams. Then it will make nice lines in the room.

299 DKK

Rent the famous Chamsys PC Wing. It gives you full control over your event lights. Connect - Patch - Program - Control -> Easy steps to enjoy your lightshow.

600 DKK

Rent our battery LED spot. Is good for uplight on walls. Can fade between colors. Controllable by remote and can run up to 10 hours on a single charge.

399 DKK
2,499 DKK

Rent a LED pin spot for your party. It has a narrow beam that is perfect for mirror balls.

40 DKK

Rent a mirror ball on 50cm for your next party

349 DKK
All prices are shown including VAT.