Rent this small soundsystem for up to 50 people. You can play music directly from your iPad, iPhone or Laptop or a mixer you rent from us. The speakers has the power amplifier built in, so they are plug and play.

699 DKK

We recommend you rent this soundsystem for your party with 50 to 70 people on the dance floor.

899 DKK

We recommend this sound system for parties with 70-150 persons. Fill your dance floor with perfect clear sound. You can play music from your PC, phone or DJ setup / mixer, which you also can rent from us.

1,149 DKK

We recommend this sound system for parties up to 200 persons. Lambda Labs Soundsystem is the best quality in the world.

1,599 DKK

Rent Small Pavilion for your DJ booth or event. It is very easy to setup. It only takes 1 person a few minutes.

1,000 DKK

Rent out biggest pavilion on 4 x 8 meters for your outdoor event. Big enough for dinning. Quick to set up if you are 4 people. Possible for 2 people to do it alone.

3,125 DKK

Rent this 40 meter cable reel

50 DKK

Create the perfect disco vibe on your dance floor with this light package.

599 DKK

Rent a DJ table that fits our CDJ-2000 setups and CDJ-3000 setups

99 DKK

The perfect setup for the DJ who plays vinyl 2 x Technics 1210 & 1 x Pioneer DJM-800

1,249 DKK

Rent this steady DJ Table with hight adjustable legs so you can get just the right height for the DJ.

250 DKK
All prices are shown including VAT.