Phone: Monday - Saturday 9am - 4pm

Emergency Phone: All other hours (Call main phone number and press 1)


We are open for services 24/7 if you have a booking or after appointment.

Monday - Saturday

9.30am -12pm: Return time, if you need equipment delivered in this time it is extra kr. 240 ex. vat as we need extra staff to help with your order as our normal staff is collecting equipment from the day before in these hours.

1pm - 5pm: Normal delivery time, no extra charge.

5pm - 11pm: Evening fee kr. 400 ex. vat

11pm - 7am: Night fee kr. 800 ex. vat

7am - 9.30am: Morning fee kr. 400 ex. vat


Sunday 9.30 am - 11pm: kr. 600 ex vat.