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Rent this small soundsystem for up to 50 people. You can play music directly from your iPad, iPhone or Laptop or a mixer you rent from us. The speakers has the power amplifier built in, so they are plug and play.

639 DKK

We recommend you rent this soundsystem for your party with 50 to 70 people on the dance floor.

799 DKK

We recommend this sound system for parties with 70-150 persons. Fill your dance floor with perfect clear sound. You can play music from your PC, phone or DJ setup / mixer, which you also can rent from us.

1,149 DKK

Our new Lambda Labs Soundsystem is the best quality in the world.

1,199 DKK

Our new Lambda Labs Soundsystem is the best quality in the world.

1,599 DKK

Rent this soundsystem for your party hosting 200 - 500 people.

2,499 DKK

Our biggest standard configuration with 8x subs and 4x tops. Consist of our new speakers from the brand Lambda Labs

3,999 DKK

This speaker has built in amplifier, so all you need is your audio source. It can play directly from iPhone/iPad, PC, smartphone, DJ/PA mixer or microphone. Just choose the sound source after you check out or tell us when you receive the equipment. Then we will give you the right cables at no extra costs. This speaker is very easy to handle and everybody that rents it comes back happy.

349 DKK

Electro-Voice ZXA1-Sub is a 12" powered subwoofer on 800 watts with build in amplifier.

399 DKK

If you want crystal clear and powerfull sound at your party, these speakers from Lambda Labs is what you are looking for.

399 DKK

High quality powered sub from Lambda Labs. Better than Funktion One

449 DKK

Rent a Soundboks for your mobile party.

639 DKK

An absolute must for any pro DJ.

399 DKK
All prices are shown including VAT.