Party Bundle 6 Deluxe

10 749 DKK

Complete bundle with DJ, sound and light for an event with up to 250 guests.

Includes DJ set for 5 hours.

Write in the comments on the cart page what kind of music you prefer and we will find the perfect DJ for you.

Dieses Produkt enthält

2x Aktivlautsprecher Deluxe von Lambda Labs
2x Aktiver Deluxe Subwoofer von Lambda Labs
2x Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2
1x Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2 DJ-Mischpult
1x DJ-Pult/Tisch
2x Moon Flower
8x LED Spot
1x Nebelmaschine
1x DJ 5 Hours
2x Distance Rod
4x PowerCon
4x XLR-Kabel 10 Meter
1x Y-Splitter Stromkabel
3x Cinch-Cinch
1x MiniJack 3.5mm to RCA
1x Link Cable 1 Meter
3x 220V 3er Mehrfachsteckdose
2x 6er Verteilerdose
10x Gerätekabel 5 Meter
1x Lichtstativ
1x T-Bar for Light Stand
1x Gerätekabel 1 Meter
1x Lightning to Minijack female
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